Portugal is a country rich in beautiful places, romantic gardens, wonderful beaches ... but also some abandoned and haunted places!

1. Quinta do Montado – Quinta de Marques Gomes – Canidelo

This farm was owned by businessman Manuel Marques Gomes. This man, born in Canidelo, was worthy of several institutions and responsible for several works of public interest.

The “Quinta do Montado”, also known as “Quinta Marques Gomes” is today completely abandoned.

quinta do montado_João Almeida.jpg

2. Casa da Praça – Frazão

This is another beautiful and great interest from the point of view of architectural work. This house belonged to the family Alves Barbosa and unfortunately is today as you can see in the image below.

Casa da praça_Frazão.jpg

3. Termas Águas Radium/Hotel Serra da Pena – Sabugal

Legend tells that in this place, built in the early twentieth century, Don Rodrigo (Spanish count) have healed his daughter from a severe skin disease, using the radioactive waters of this place. During this situation, the Count decided to build this spa hotel that is now as follows:


4. Casal do Passal – Cabanas de Viriato

House of the illustrious Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Portuguese diplomat that during World War II saved more than 30,000 lives from Nazi persecution (considered as the largest rescue action undertaken by an individual person).

Recent news speaks in this house restoration project.


5. Clock house – Porto 

Also known as Manueline house, this house is located at the mouth of the Douro at Porto. Built by Republican Arthur Jorge Guimarães and his wife, now lies abandoned as you can see in the image.


6. Convento Nossa Senhora do Desterro – Monchique

This building, located in Lagos, was founded in 1631 by Pero da Silva. Today lies in ruins.


7. Convento Santa Clara -Vila do Conde

This convent was founded at the initiative of King Afonso Sanches. In the church also are the graves of Beatrice of Portugal, daughter of Blessed Nuno Alvares Pereira, the Counts of Canterbury and the founders.

Once a female convent, today is just an abandoned building with prospects of becoming a giant hostel.


8. Palácio Fonte da Pipa- Loulé

The stories of haunting are common when the subject is the palace source Pipa.

This beautiful palace was built by Marçal Pacheco, brother of Duarte Pacheco in order to receive King Carlos when he visited the Algarve. However, Don Carlos opted to stay in another palace in the area.

Named “Quinta da esperança”, this palace was always known as “Fonte da Pipa”, because in this place existed a source with this name.


9. Panoramic restaurant-Monsanto

This restaurant was built in the 60s. However it has been an office, a disco, a bingo, a warehouse, anyway, today is an abandoned building.


10. Palacete Rosa Pena – Espinho

The grandeur of this building leaves no one indifferent. It occupies an entire city block of the city of Espinho and unfortunately is in a high state of degradation.

The Rosa Pena palace dates from 1930 and was apparently designed by engineer José Alves Pereira da Silva, married to Rosa Pena da Silva. Although these are not the true owners of the palace, the building was known as Rosa Pena when his real name is just the Pena Palace.


Source:  3vilas.com


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