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8 Tips to furnish your holiday home


8 Tips to furnish your holiday home

Most of the things we can do on our own, chosing furniture, decorating a house and going all the way from Caldas do Lisbon to buy a lamp is part the adventure of buying a holiday home.

Despite the fun you can have going up down looking for the best shop to decorate your new house, using an expert or some expertise can save you money.

- NO, I'm not talking about tools or fuel, I'm talking about spending your money the right way,  buying good stuff that not only resists time and fashion but also transforms your house in to a desirabble place to live.

Well, I've asked some guidance to one celebrity when it comes to decorating a holiday home. Tereza Coutinho is a star when it comes to making a house a desirable space to live and enjoy life, and I couln't avoid asking a few tips about holiday homes decoration. Pay attention, it will save you money!

Tips for furnishing a rental property:

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- Chose sofas in easy to clean fabric, preferably stain repellent and water proof

- Incorporate a design/style and comfort level that will attract repeat rentals by mixing neutral colours with vivid features like pilows, colored metal jugs or lamps

- Make bedrooms flexible to cater for families and also for groups. EX: 2 single beds in each bedroom that can be put together for couples, but can also be split in case it's a group of golfers

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- No sofa beds or rollaway beds. Offering extra sleeping space often sends out the wrong message. A 2 bedroom property could sleep 8 people with sofa you want 8 people in a 2 bed property? If an extra bed is needed, it should be supplied by the company that's managing your rentals

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- No rug under dining table, keep it clean at all times

- Avoid light coloured rugs under coffee table

- Towels, sheets and crockery in white. It's easier to replace if an accident happens.

- Avoid teak for outdoor furniture; requires regular maintenance to look good

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