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The most picturesque towns in the world


The most picturesque towns in the world

There is a Portuguese town among the most picturesque towns in the world.

Ericeira, located about 35 kilometers away from Lisbon, is on the list and is therefore a place for you to visit. The portuguese Meca of Surf stands out, for example, for the houses perched over the sea. 

This list prepared by the San Francisco Globe, elected the most beautiful local photos. See, below, which towns are part of this same list.

Annecy: France


Colmar: France


Sidi Bou Said: Tunisia


Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Germany


Dinan: France


Himalayas: Tibet


Reine: Norway


Gasadalur: Faroe Islands


Camden: EUA


Tenby: Wales


Tasiilaq: Greenland


Shirakawa: Japan


Hallstatt: Austria


Estrunfes (Smurfs): Spain


Albarracin: Spain


Chefchaouen: Marroco


Ericeira: Portugal


You want to visit this beautiful town? We have a holiday rental in Ericeira.

Ha Long Bay: Vietnam


Leavenworth: EUA


Burano: Italy


Bled: Slovenia


Putre: Chile


Bibury: England


Source: Idealista


Do you surf? Portuguese app has all the info on the best spots!


Do you surf? Portuguese app has all the info on the best spots!

The app SurfinPortugal has detailed information on more than 180 surf spots around the country.

Established in late 2012, the startup that organizes surf trips aboard minibuses now launched a new application: the location of the best places to surf every day and detailed characterization of over 180 spots around the country are available in the app of SurfinPortugal, who pretend thus providing a comprehensive guide to surfing.

"This app is the result of 20 years of travel between Peniche and Sagres. We wanted to leverage our expertise in an application that could be useful, especially for foreigners, who do not know the country. The app tells them where they are and how they can get where they want, with information on the conditions in each of the locations. Instead of graphics, we chose several times a plain text precisely to clearly explain to people how to get to the sites, rather than having an arrow pointing the way, "explains managing partner of SurfinPortugal, Manuel Moura.

The application is free and, for now, is limited between Peniche and Sagres, reporting on the conditions of the sea and the wind in places like Ericeira, Sintra, Cascais, Lisbon, Porto Covo, Vila Nova de Milfontes and Lagos, among others. It also has an automatic link to Google Maps, so users can get directions from the location where they are up to more than 90 beaches identified there or services, from restaurants to gas stations. The SurfinPortugal will soon include information about Nazareth, extending a little guide. "But I loved that in two years we had information for the whole country," confesses Manuel Moura.





Ericeira, the Meca of Portuguese Surf fans


Ericeira, the Meca of Portuguese Surf fans

On the West Coast of Portugal, internationally known as the Silver Coast is located a beautiful and traditional fishing village by the name of Ericeira.

This charismatic beach town has developed enormously during the 20th century due to the growing interest in it as a summer resort. It has, however, maintained its original character and its own individual atmosphere.

This ancient town that goes back to the XII century was once the safe passage and home of Phoenicians. Its name means Land of hedgehog clerk, posted due to the abundance of hedgehog clerk in its beaches.

Thorough the century’s local inhabitants have always been blessed by the sea, that even with its tempers, provided abundance of fish and shellfish that feed the nearest towns. It was however on the XIX century that Ericeira received special attention as a trade and costumes point. It was from these docs that the Royal Portuguese Family exit the country to exile ending the monarchic regime.


Its commercial heritage is now translated in a remarkable tourism flow driven from an excellent location and privileged weather conditions. More recently a wave took over creating enormous opportunities and boosting this small finishing economy. Surf, a nature sport captivate every year hundreds of people from all ages. Surfers and body-boarders constantly search for the best waves. With 850km of coastline, Portugal promises waves to suit every taste. This coastline is like one gigantic beach that is ideal for thrill-seekers. Ribeira d’Ilhas, ‘Coxos’ and ‘Super Tubos’ are world-famous, and by many the Meca of Portuguese surfing.


You don't have to be a surfer to enjoy Ericeira, as it is not only famous for its constant swells, but also for its healthy air, beautiful beaches and landscape, the excellent food served by local restaurants and its raving weekend parties.

Nearby golf courses, horse riding facilities or bike tracks and paragliding areas are just some alternatives to the life on the 8 sandy beaches of Ericeira.

300 days of sunshine, mild temperatures in winter and sea-breezed summers invite you to come all year long. A beautiful and completely redesigned, oceanfront 4* hotel, two family owned 3* hotels, one self-catering apart-hotel, several hostels and b&b's, a camping site with wooden bungalows, privately owned apartments and a selection of surf-camps offer lodging for all tastes. Studio visits at local artists, scrolling through handicraft shops, fashion boutiques and surf shops are just a few distractions that will make your visits worthwhile.

Fifty kilometres from Lisbon, in an easily accessible area, its beaches are very crowded during the summer, and are considered among the best in Europe for surfing. Ribeira d`Ilhas Beach, where one of the World Surfing Championship contests is held every year, is worth a special mention.

When visiting this town you will have to try the shellfish and fresh fish dishes, the speciality of the regional cuisine.

Our recommendations:

  • Restaurants: Dom Carlos in Ericeira; phone : +351 261 866 371;
  • Esplanada Furnas in Ericeira ; phone +351 261864870
  • Best spots: Eribeira beach, Ribeira D’Ilhas e São Julião beach
  • National heritage: Ericeira village and Mafra Palace
  • Others: NEUHAUS – Chocolate Store in Historic Centre


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