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Tips for second home buyers


Tips for second home buyers

You have planned your trip and you have been dreaming for a long time for a place in the sun. Portugal offers unique conditions to make this dream come true. So you're in the car rolling along and you see it, your dream home. Set between pine trees, hillside down along a stretch of beach, or within easy walking distance of your favorite eatery, village centre or golf course. Whatever captured your attention, it's started you thinking this is it, I want a holiday home.

The rational in us always come second to our emotions, and only after a while you realize that you may not be able to afford the house of your dreams. While you're making a wish list of features to share with your real estate agent, Landlordsway is the right one for hundreds of reasons but I will not enter in to details right now,  check it twice, literally, to make sure that the options you have in mind make practical sense money wise.


Tip 1 – A Big Yard - It's natural to want your first holiday home to be stunning villa, spacious inside and even bigger on the outside. Kids love big yards and you have your pets to accommodate as well. A large and cared garden gives enormous glamour to any house and is a special spot where you can enjoy an occasional barbecue with friends and family.

The big problem with big yards is its maintenance. The turf you see in the gardening magazines that look like lush outdoor carpets are hard work and expensive to keep up. They aren't kid or pet-friendly, either. If you do invest the time and disposable income maintaining a large plot and well developed landscape, you shouldn’t expect to recoup all that money or effort you put in when you sell.

A personal note – When looking for potential homes, I recommend for you to look for a rectangular and leveled plot. They are easier to maintain your lawn and fit a wider resale market.

Tip 2 - Home Cinema. A Cinema room is becoming increasingly popular in today's real estate market and you are probably thinking about this feature when you are looking for your holiday home.

Normally we spend about four hours in front of the TV every day. It is tempting to invest in a villa that has a space dedicated to making the home cinema experience more pleasurable. The problem is that the residential mindset of a few years ago is giving way to a more eco-friendly. On the holiday market bigger doesn’t always mean better, and you may be sitting on that extra square footage for a while when you try to sell it.

A personal note Home cinemas are also increasingly expensive and you better off investing in solar panels or triple-glaze windows.

Tip 3 - A fire place – Who doesn’t love a roaring fire for the holidays, but what do you do with dead space the rest of the year? A fireplace can also be a dangerous feature if you don't get it professionally cleaned regularly, and it's a big air polluter, too. You cannot forget that Portugal offer 300 days of sunshine and we never have the cold temperatures of northern European countries and rarely snow’s in the coastal areas

A personal note – invest in a good air con system that does heating and cooling, its less polluter and will give more value on the resale market. If you use your house more in the summer periods you will thank me for that.

Tip 4 – Stainless steel appliances - the popularity of stainless may simply be a flash in the pan. Often, these deceptively enticing elements are in the kitchen. As popular as these refinements are today, in a very few years, they'll be replaced by other latest, must-have styles. Worse, last year's "in" thing looks dated and drab once it goes out of fashion.

A personal note – To maintain a timeless kitchen independently of the style you choose being modern, classic, rustic or informal, integral appliances seam to do wonders, not only visually, as you will have wider harmony in the kitchen layout, but also financially as you may opt for less expensive equipment, especially if you are going to use only a couple of month in a year.


Surfing in Portugal, hot spots


Surfing in Portugal, hot spots

Silver Coast has one of the latest unspoiled beaches in Europe, some say its Portugal Best Kept Secret, I would say its just Portugal at is finest. Nazaré is one of most pituresque fishing villages in the Silver Coast, and holds one of the biggest waves in the world, and small big detail that is puting Nazaré and all Silver Coast on the world map of the international surfing community. On this video Garrett McNamara breaks the world record for the largest wave ever surfed in Nazaré.

The story about the North Canyon Wave and how it became a project

After one month, four big swells and some successful sessions riding Nazaré’s waves, the extreme waterman Garrett McNamara, 43 years old, returned home, to North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, with a sense of achievement.

The main goal of Garrett in Nazaré was to explore its waves – with special attention to Praia do Norte’s waves, which receive the effect of the geomorphologic phenomenon known as “Nazaré Canyon”. The canyon is so unique because it is one of the only one in the whole world that ends on the shore allowing the power of the water and swell to make it to the beach without losing any energy or size. Garrett was invited to explore the wave to see if it had potential for a big wave event!

During November, Garrett McNamara saw four big swells and two times the conditions were perfect for tow-in. He was able to see all the potential of those waves, which “are probably the biggest waves of the world for a beach break”, he said.

The Hawaiian surfer, one of the more respected waterman of the world, with several international awards and championships, worked with José Gregório (a former triple Portuguese surf champion, one of the most respected big waves surfers in Portugal and one of the athletes that better knows the waves of Nazaré, where he was born).

Garrett McNamara also had the chance to surf with Tiago “Saca” Pires (the most international Portuguese surfer and the only Portuguese who make part of the world surf elite), Ruben Gonzalez (a former four times Portuguese surf champion) and even with the Irish Alistair Mennie and the English Andrew Cotton, who came to Nazaré to experience the power of the waves of Praia do Norte.

Garrett caught other waves in the region of Nazaré, mostly with his Stand Up Paddle board, showing all the necessary technique to enjoy this kind of surf and sharing good waves with the locals bodyboarders. He showed big respect to them and recognized their pioneering role in the strong waves of Nazaré.

Garrett McNamara returned to Hawaii very impressed and with some well defined goals to a close cooperation with the Nazaré City Hall for the next years.

Jorge Barroso, the City Hall mayor, and Garrett McNamara signed an intent statement for the implementation of projects that can internationally promote Nazaré as a reference spot to the big waves sports and to the realization of a big wave event in 2012.

They both agreed to cooperate actively to achieve the following projects: Environmental Education to the Sea Center, a Rescue Center, a Big Wave Museum and a Tow-in Academy.

Jorge Barroso said that “Praia do Norte’s waves are unique” and that’s why Nazaré should “take the uniqueness of its sea”, that creates giant waves due the “North Canyon”. “In 2012 we’re going to make an innovative event in all of Europe. We count with Garrett McNamara and with this intent statement”, said Jorge Barroso, showing “the will of affirmation of Nazaré as a prime destination of big waves sports”.

To the extreme waterman, the big waves of Praia do Norte are some of the biggest that he ever saw. “After being here this month, learning the culture and working with this great team, I am 100 per cent sure that in 2012 we will hold a world class big event, promoting Nazaré all around the world”, said McNamara, referring that “the idea is to attract not only surfers or water sports lovers, but everybody.”

José Gregório was also present in the ceremony and congratulated the initiative. “This was one of the times when the surf was mostly spoken on the media”, commented.

To end his stay in Portugal, Garrett went to the second edition of the Portugal Surf Awards, the National Surf Ceremony, which counted this year with the awards of the Surf Portugal magazine, last weekend, also in Nazaré.

After the delivery of some awards and several conversations with some of the best Portuguese surfers, curious to know his views about the national waves, McNamara was surprised with an “International Personality of the Year” award by the oldest surf magazine in Portugal. They honored the commitment of the Hawaiian surfer in the exploration of Nazaré’s waves.

“This award was a huge surprise, but I’m much honored to receive it”, said Garrett with emotion. “The recognition of our work is always good, but the way that I was received by the Portuguese surf community was amazing. I’ll take you in my heart and I’m going to make everything to promote internationally the Nazaré’s waves and your hospitality. I’ll come back as soon as possible”, he concluded.

McNamara returned to Hawaii, to participate in the open ceremony of the most respected big waves championship of the world, Quicksilver in memory of Eddie Aikau, in Waimea Bay, Oahu, where he lives. He was one of the 28 invited surfers. Good luck G-Mac!

This project was organized by Câmara Municipal da Nazaré, Clube de Desportos Alternativos da Nazaré and Nazaré Qualifica E.E.M., with the support of QREN, MaisCentro, Feder, Turismo de Portugal – Oeste, Liberty Seguros, Lightning Bolt, GoPro – D’Maker, Filipemotoshow, Isuzu, Lena Automóveis, Peter Grimm, Noll, Instituto Hidrográfico Português, Spal, Tonic Gym, Surftotal, Surf Portugal, Antena 3, Surfer Rule and

Photos by POLVO/Jorge Leal e Wilson Ribeiro



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