Imagine a familiar place like the Algarve, with extensive sandy beaches, valleys and plains and cliffs that touch the sea. Now imagine the sought of France with green forests, less historic heritage and a big blue ocean. If you mix it all together and take out 30 years of urban development  you will probably get a snapshot of  the Silver Coast.

Long forgotten by the major developers that invested the last 30 years in the beautiful Algarve creating spectacular sites, luxurious resorts and a fantastic lifestyle that attracts people from over the world, the Silver Coast is now gaming new dynamics with an increasing supply of premium and super-premium properties with a lifestyle attached.

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This attraction is driving curiosity to the highlands and like treasure hunter’s people drive through little roads chancing small treasures in the form of empty beaches, cultural sanctuaries or unique homes. The real Portugal is very present and a friendly one despite the language barrier that occasionally blocks communication, which is always overcomed by the simplicity of body language. Going this way is an adventure indeed specially for foreignness but I promisse you it will give you a lifetime of memories with a few laughs.

Golf has been the main driver for many tourists, followed by beaches and culture. The equestrian sector is discovering this area as well, mostly due to a state-of-the-art equestrian resort being built in this region.


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