The latest survey conducted to tourists in Lisbon concludes that the Portuguese capital is a favorite destination. Close to 80% place it within the top 10 places to visit, and 91% say they wish to return. The city exceeded the expectations of those surveyed and the overall satisfaction rate is close to 90%.

The favorite aspects of the city were the weather and hospitality, as well as a “value for money” unrivaled in Europe. Security is another strong attribute (although at GoLisbon we remind you to be alert for pickpockets as in any major European city, and watch your wallet when riding the trams and metro). A curious finding is that Americans and Brazilians were the ones who most enjoyed their stay (it was mostly Europeans in previous years), followed by the Italians, Germans, British and Irish.

Another conclusion was that 80% of tourists found Lisbon to be culturally unique and romantic, multicultural and tolerant. More than 70% of them also said they felt it was a peaceful and relaxing destination but also a lively place. Other adjectives included “modern,” “creative” and “trendy.” Many also said it was “well preserved”, most likely referring to its historic atmosphere and not to the state of the buildings in the oldest districts…

In fact, history seems to be what is most associated with the city (96% say so), with 95% saying it should be appreciated outdoors and 92% finding that it offers a variety of experiences. What makes Lisbon stand out from other cities according to those who visited is its “authenticity,” especially its relation to the river, sea and beach.



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