If there is something that only the French can do, then it is Son et Lumiere.  And if they want to do it really well, they pick their spot.  And if they have the choice, then it is in the sun, and in the south!  And since they have all that, then why not choose the ultimate venue.  One that the Romans would choose for a spectacle.  Indeed, why don't they just use one that the Romans left behind.  And so they did.  The amphitheatre in Arles.
On a wonderful August evening, what better way to celebrate art.  During August, part of Provence's cultural programme, focussed on evening entertainment, during which the four famous academies of Equestrian Art in Europe, displayed their knowledge.
Some schools are older than others, but the pursuit of excellence drives all four.  The Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre, from Lisbon, is Portugal's stamp, and during the week of August 16th, they made their mark.
King John V, in 1748, formed the school, and horses still are sought from his Royal Stud, at Alter, to perform the movements.  The tradition of horsemanship practised in Portugal, has been maintained in the bullfight, which differs from that of the Spanish, and focusses mainly on the ability of the horse.  It is derived from the fighting movements, which were a necessary part of the battlefield.  After a degree of peace, then the sons of the nobility still maintained the tradition, and with the bullfighting tradition, it has not been lost in the modern world.
Culture has prevailed, and the old ways are now being celebrated.  In true style, with pomp and circumstance, at which the French excel!
So, if you were thinking of popping a few serious dressage lessons into your holiday in Lisbon, don't.  At least, not in August.  Most of MORGADO LUSITANO'S  teaching staff will be in Arles!!!
To find out more about Morgado Lusitano, and how every- day riders can access this knowledge, with embarrassment,  please visit Quinta do Morgado


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