Once again, I had been absent for a bit.  Rushing, full of excitement to ride my horse for the first time in several months, I stopped at the motorway service station to fill up, and pick up a couple of bottles of water.  It was very hot.
At the moment in Portugal, there is a system on the motorways of paying for fuel in the shop, then returning to the pump to fill up the allotted amount. I paid, picked up my bottles and got back in the car.
I had a wonderful time with my horse, lunched and watched some training sessions, before leaving to return by the country route.  I was surprised to see the fuel-empty sign light up.  Had I not been at such a nice establishment, I might have thought that my tank had been drained!  Or that I had put the nozzle in the car, but not noticed that the fuel had not been delivered.
It was none of those things.  I had simply been too preoccupied and had got back in the car without filling up!
In true UK fashion, I immediately started reckoning on my chances of ever seeing my fuel/money again.  I had paid in cash!  At the next filling station, I put a small amount of fuel in the tank, enough to get me back home, and to the service station on the motorway the next day.
Armed with my receipt, I hoped to meet the same young man who had served me and spoke perfect English.  I thought I would need to do a lot of explaining.
Not so!  The older lady at the till looked at me with humour as I started to make my case in my long-winded fashion.  "How much was it?" she simply asked.  When I told her, she quietly slipped the exact amount of money across the counter, clipped by a paperclip to the shop copy of my receipt!
As I said, only in Portugal!!


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