Those looking for bolder, well-designed, sophisticated or original spots to eat and drink in Lisbon should check out these ten restaurants.


The Tagus is the perfect backdrop for this restaurant owned by actor John Malkovitch. As distracting as the river views may be, the ambience of the interior doesn’t fail to draw attention, made up of a contemporary décor and elegant flower arrangements that are just as stylish and tasteful as the cuisine.


The second restaurant of top chef Ljubomir Stanisic is a mostly-white space with classic display cases and reminders of the Art Déco origins of the building. Downstairs is the bar while the low-ceiling dining area upstairs takes us down to the river through the views. The waitstaff is equally stylish, in uniforms by local designer Aleksandar Protic.


In what was once a convent and later a factory, the renowned designer Paulo Lobo created an elegant space that mixes the contemporary with the traditional. A wall of seemingly-randomly-placed 18th-century tiles is seen together with traces of the city’s medieval wall and an old fireplace. The goal was to create a welcoming ambience that respects the building’s origins but with a modern and sophisticated décor. The beige furnishings are therefore scattered around the domed dining room which is divided by screens between the bar and restaurant.


This Michelin-starred restaurant has a design inspired by the Portuguese voyages of discovery which departed from this location opening to the Atlantic. There’s a mural of Namban art at the entrance while the bright interior is enhanced by reflections emanating from metal cubes on the ceiling. Wine bottles cover one of the walls while the furnishings are of a contemporary-classic elegance.


A 19th-century warehouse was transformed into one of Lisbon’s grandest industrial dining spaces, with olive trees growing against exposed brick walls. The original ironwork, chains and high ceilings were also maintained and are well lit above the mostly wooden furnishings.


Paris’ Buddha Bar became one of the trendiest dining spots in the French capital in part thanks to the fabulous décor by Portuguese designer Miguel Câncio Martins. Among his work in Lisbon is this acclaimed restaurant in what used to be the cloisters of a convent. In all the distinctive dining areas, it incorporates contemporary touches into the original stone architecture, all with attractive lighting and jellyfish tanks.


Found in The Beautique Hotel design hotel, the decor of this restaurant is a creation of designer Nini Andrade Silva. Just like at the hotel, here she was inspired by the fig tree for the ambience of the entire space.


Found inside the stylish Fontana Park Design Hotel, this fabulous seafood restaurant makes use of natural lighting during the day and a candlelit ambience at night to surround the modern décor that’s quite attractive in its minimalism.


This place stands out for its undulating walls backlit by LEDs which fill the mostly-white interior with various tones, offering a different perspective and experience on each visit. 


This “industrial-chic” space mixes warehouse minimalism with elegant pieces like velvet sofas and large chandeliers. The bar is illuminated in purple tones while the rest of the two-level interior is mostly white.

Source: Lisbon Lux

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