Principe Real is currently the hottest neighborhood in Lisbon. It’s where more and more independent boutiques are opening, and where you find the monumental Embaixada and Entre Tanto concept stores. It also has some of the trendiest spots for a drink or meal at any time of the day, such as the Lost In terrace, O Prego da Peixaria, A Cevicheria, or the cafés and restaurants in and around Praça das Flores. At night, the best cocktails are at Cinco Lounge.


Chiado has always been Lisbon’s main shopping district, today mixing independent stores and international chains, especially on the streets of Carmo and Garrett, and at the Armazéns do Chiado mall. But today it’s also the city’s meeting point, at cafés like Fábulas, Royale or Kaffeehaus, at the ice cream shop Santini, or at Nut'Chiado. It also has the best restaurants in town, such as Belcanto or Largo on Largo de São Carlos, Sea Me and several down Rua Duques de Bragrança, such as Cantinho do Avillez, Pizzaria Lisboa and U Chiado. It’s also home to the best rooftop bars, like Entretanto, Terrace and Silk Club.


Who would have imagined that an abandoned industrial space outside the heart of the city would become one of the places to be in Lisbon? It was first taken over by small businesses and creative professionals, then came the shops and cafés, and even a small market on Sundays. Now many pass by in the evening, stepping into the curious bookshop Ler Devagar or into Landeau for its mouthwatering chocolate cake. Later at night, it’s time for dinner at 1300 Taberna, a Praça or Moules & Wine, and on weekends the day ends at Faktory Club.


Throughout most of its 500-year history, this neighborhood has maintained a certain bohemian and alternative atmosphere. Starting on Largo do Camões and entering Rua do Norte, this is where the night owls roam the streets looking for the perfect bar and restaurant. On Rua do Norte, many stay for dinner at the restaurants Blend, Cervejaria do Bairro, or Esperança, while others enjoy a glass of wine at Grapes & Bites. Those who turn towards Rua das Salgadeiras admire the Cork & Co. shop, get together by the door of the Purex bar, or by Maria Caxuxa around the corner on Rua da Barroca. Others still pass by Rua do Diário de Notícias, then go down the hill towards the Park bar, while others choose to move up towards the São Pedro de Alcântara terrace for the views or for dinner at The Decadente or The Insólito.


The former red light district now competes with Bairro Alto as the main nightlife destination. Rua Nova do Carvalho (now also known as Pink Street for the color of the pavement) mixes crowds of all ages and backgrounds, on the terraces or inside the bar Pensão Amor. During the day everyone gravitates towards the waterfront, at Ribeira das Naus or at the former warehouses, such as the bar Vestígius. At any time of the day, the food court of the Ribeira Market is always packed. For dinner, the choices usually are Casa de Pasto, Duplex or las Ficheras.


On the site of the future Lisbon cruise terminal, by Santa Apolónia station, is a group of old warehouses that are now some of the most popular spots in town. That’s where you’ll find the trendy Bica do Sapato restaurant and the Lux club, while during the day many choose the restaurants Cais da Pedra and Casanova, or the Deli Delux café.


Lisbon’s luxury shopping boulevard also offers several kiosks for light meals or drinks at any time of the day. Past some of the best local jewelry and shoe stores, many eventually turn to Rua Barata Salgueiro which crosses the avenue, for lunch or dinner at the trendy restaurants Guilty or SushiCafé Avenida. For a coffee break, there's the Delta Q cafe. During the summer, many end the day overlooking Lisbon from the terrace of Sky Bar.


The Santa Catarina terrace attracts all kinds of people for the view of the port of Lisbon and for the sunset, but also for the Noobai café that mixes young locals and tourists staying at the hostels nearby. Others prefer the Pharmácia restaurant, for a meal or cocktails.


It may be a bit touristy, but the Santo Amaro dock (or simply “the docks”) also attracts many locals, for the pizzas at Capricciosa or for ice cream at Artisani. The terraces facing the marina and 25 de Abril Bridge create the perfect cosmopolitan spot for the afternoon or night.

10 | BICA

Across from Bairro Alto by the landmark Bica funicular is a concentration of bars that attracts large crowds on weekends. Of the various spots found down Rua da Bica Duarte Belo, the most popular is the Bicaense bar, and a little further down the hill is the popular Estrela da Bica for dinner.

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